Jua-Via Vs Diabetis (Kencing Manis)

Stevia, has been documented to have a hypotensive, or blood-pressure-lowering effect (at dosages much higher than used for sweetening purposes). Believe it or not, it works similarly to the modern treatment medicine , the CCB (Calcium Channel Blocker ). Stevia may potentiate antidiabetic medications, when taken in unusually large amounts, especially for the type-2 diabetic. It nourishing the pancreas so that it can normalize the insulin reaction with glucose.

Scientific researches and studies from all the countries that very concern about this herbs and its properties summarized that Stevia as a potential treatment for type 2 Diabetes. Diabetics also often suffer from high blood pressure, and Stevia - in larger quantities - lowers blood pressure. So, this make stevia very beneficial to them.

In 1986, Curi R et al, Universidade de Maringa, Brasil, demonstrated that aqueous extracts of Stevia could increase glucose tolerance in a study of 16 healthy human subjects.

About 14 years later, Jeppesen PB and co-workers at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark demonstrated that stevioside and steviol (from stevia) stimulated insulin secretion via a direct action on beta cells. The results suggested that the stevia may be beneficial to people suffered from type 2 diabetes mellitus. In 2002, Jeppesen PB et al reported that stevioside (from stevia) had antihyperglycaemic, insulinotropic, and glucagonostatic activities from a study of type 2 diabetic rat.

In 2004, Jeppesen PB et al finally studied the anti-hyperglycaemic properties of stevioside (from stevia) in HUMAN subjects. They recruited 12 patients suffered from Type 2 diabetes and successfully demonstrated that stevioside reduces postprandial blood glucose levels in the patients.

On the other hand, Chen TH and co-workers found that stevioside (from stevia) was able to regulate blood glucose levels by enhancing not only insulin secretion, but also insulin utilization in insulin-deficient rats; the latter was due to decreased phosphoenol pyruvate carboxykinase gene expression in rat liver by stevioside's action of slowing down gluconeogenesis.

EKSTRAK STEVIA TULEN DAN DIABETES - Merangsang penghasilan insulin dan menjadikan tindak balasnya dengan glukos normal terutama bagi pesakit-pesakit diabetes Jenis-2. Mengurangkan risiko kebergantungan terhadap suntikan insulin dan ubatan kimia. (Gambar menunjukkan suntikan insulin yang dilakukan sendiri oleh pesakit)- Gambar sekadar hiasan


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